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Work Parties

Friends of the Burke-Gilman Trail at Sand Point works under the auspices of the Green Seattle Partnership. Green Seattle Partnership is a partnership of the Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation and Forterra. It is dedicated to clearing 2500 acres of Seattle Parks of noxious and non-native invasive plants and replacing them with native trees and shrubs. This is in part to replace many of our parks’ dying or diseased trees, and to reforest many areas that have already lost their tree cover. Green Seattle Partnership works with Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation and Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment.  

Work parties are a great way to help the trail, get some excercise, and meet great people who love the outdoors.  There are opportunities for joining small groups which regularly work several times a week,  a larger effort monthly on the second Saturday of each month, or having your own group come out for a special event.  

Anyone, including a child supervised by an adult, can participate in a weeding work party. Find out about upcoming events on the calendar page and sign-up for one on the  Green Seattle volunteer pages (filter on Burke-Gilman Trail park). Anyone who wishes to become more involved can take a day’s training and become a Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward. This gives the knowledge needed to work on one’s own and organize and supervise work parties on Parks Department property.

work party photo

Assembling the work party

Earth Day 2009

Business group taking a break on a volunteer day

Earth Day 2010

Getting the work done